"Everything is Possible with the Right Art & Heart of Managing The Impossible!!

MICCICD is an NGO conceptualised in year 2000 and was then formally established in year 2006. It's primary reason to exist is t0 help Malaysian Indians in areas related to commerce industry with the aim of developing the community in need. MICCICD seeks to increase understanding of development policies and programs related to community and entrepreneurial development. Supported by some key people's commitment and dedication to serve, MICCICD is now working by providing intellectual leadership and analytical services to the population in need. MICCICD also works closely with the different stakeholders (Government Ministries, Agencies, Private Sector, Community Leaders and NGOs) to provide ground sentiments, secure fundings & support, to deliver population-in-need driven programs with equitable ROI in place. At this point of time, MICCICD has grown into an entity focusing on four specific areas

MICCICD is proud to be associated with SAMI DIRECT's Malaysian Chapter
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